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Points to Consider

Keep an eye on your weight and make a note of any changes in weight.

Look out for signs of weight loss such as:

  • Rings and or watch looser than normal
  • Shirt collars now a bit big
  • Skirts and trousers loose around the waist
  • Need to fasten belts on a tighter hole
  • Limbs and face looking thinner than before

If you’re overweight but unwell, you might be pleased that you are losing a bit of weight but this may not be the best time for you to lose weight. Wait until you feel better.

Our Self-Screening tool will help you assess your weight loss, and it will then be important to contact your doctor to make sure that any underlying reasons for your weight loss are being treated.


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To help you check if you are losing too much weight and are at risk of becoming malnourished, BAPEN has developed a simple screening tool you can use along with advice to follow if you are at risk of becoming malnourished.

Calculate your risk